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Expo 2017 Astana: We Are Energy

We Are Energy is an architecture and animation exhibition by Factory Fifteen. Commissioned by UK Trade & Investment, the artwork forms part of architect Asif Khan’s UK Pavilion at the World Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan. It celebrates British innovation, creating a unified and animated landscape of a past, present and future Britain.

The exhibition showcases a triptych that interweaves three animations played on a loop. Scenes of industry, transport and energy production unfold over five generations. Steam trains and canal boats move coal and steel throughout the vista; while refrigerated vehicles transport consumables between farms and cities. Within this vision, communities can develop sustainably through graphene innovation and its ability to desalinate seawater. Natural energy is harnessed throughout, including the largest offshore wind farm, solar panel array and even high-altitude kite energy.

This event is free and runs from 25 August until 6 October 2017.

Open weekdays, 09:00-17:30. 


Factory Fifteen is a directing collective formed by Jonathan Gales, Paul Nicholls and
Kibwe Tavares. As trained architects and designers, they bring a mixed media approach to film-making. They have directed renowned, thought-provoking short films, narrative driven music videos, animations for brands, interactive websites and immersive installations. Their multi-disciplinary talents and distinctive approach to film-making has been engaged by high profile brands including Channel 4, BFI, UEFA, Samsung and Guinness.

The collective has won a raft of awards, including the Jury Prize for animation direction
at the Sundance Film Festival, Best Music Video (Berlin Music Video Awards), Best
Architectural 3D Film and Best Architectural 3D Image. In addition, their creative shorts
and artwork has been exhibited internationally at festivals and venues such as SXSW,
Onedotzeoro, Arts Electronica, Alpha-ville, The Creator’s Project and The Whitechapel